Recommendation Letters


Justin Canavan coordinated a series of video testimonials for the American Heart Association that we featured during one of our major community events. The videos were exceptionally well-done, detailing personal stories in a compelling way. Justin’s technical expertise with camera and lighting, his strong storytelling skills and his superior customer service combined to make this experience among the best of my professional career. I would strongly recommend Justin to anyone!

Stephen Hall

Regional Vice President of Communications, American Heart Association

I’ve worked with Justin on a few projects now, as well as different things at the college we attended. Justin is very patient and professional. He doesn’t only want to see himself learn and succeed, but he wants others to as well. He is always ready to help you when needed and takes the time to teach you things you’re struggling with or wanting to learn. Justin always has a positive attitude and is a great addition to any team!

Kimberly Moore

Master Control Operator, KRBK-TV

Justin handles himself professionally and is knowledgeable about filming and production. His friendly demeanor and easy-going nature, make him a pleasure to work with. He is dedicated and committed to his work, and it shows.

Hannah Jones


Justin is great to work with on the film set. He is very professional and courteous, always on time, and great in front of the camera as well as behind the camera. He is an asset to any film project from the filming to the editing. and also great with voice over work. I have worked with Justin on more than one project, and I wish he was on every project I work on. I would recommend Justin to anyone who needs a professional on their project.

Debbie Sutcliffe


Justin is the most organized human being on the planet. He gets the job done and will lose sleep over his objective if he has to. He has a great attitude and his ability to serve others is undeniably above average. If I had to describe Justin in three words it would be as follows: Professional, humble, and dedicated.

Brandon Johnston

Motion Graphic Designer and Video Editor, James River Church

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