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Hello friends and family!

I hope you are doing well! It’s been a while since I wrote an explanation of what God has been doing in my life; so I figured a crossroads point would be a good start. God has been working incredibly since my graduation from Evangel University in May 2014. Even more, during my summer 2014 service trip to Japan, God worked on my heart concerning the people of Japan. In fact, He has not stopped working!

Chris & LIndsey Carter, Missionaries to Tsukuba, Japan

Chris & Lindsey Carter, Missionaries to Tsukuba, Japan

For those who do not know, during summer 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve with missionaries Chris and Lindsey CarterThey work with university students at a major Japanese university in Tsukuba, Japan. The Carters also pastor a thriving church Tsukuba International Christian Assembly, and Christopher Carter, Ph.D., teaches at Central Bible College in Tokyo. There was plenty for me and the Evangel team to do! During our trip, we ministered to Japanese university students, built relationships in order to strengthen new Christ followers, shared with those who did not know Jesus, and taught some conversational English sessions. We really feel as if God orchestrated this trip by divinely arranging meetings between missionaries and team members.

About two years ago, God orchestrated a new opportunity! Due to much need, the Carters in Japan asked me to serve as an AG MAPS missionary for one year in Tsukuba, Japan at TICA (Tsukuba International Christian Assembly) and Chi Alpha: Tsukuba Univ. Truly, less than one percent of Japanese people know Christ as Lord and Savior, and the culture is entrenched with Buddhism and Shintoism. However, God is working in Japan! For instance, TICA is a thriving church that has over 60-90 people in attendance every week, which is really abnormal for a church in Japan. Truly, most churches do not have more than 20 people in service at a time. Even more, eight to ten youth students are attending every week, and there is no one to concentrate on ministering to them. Moreover, more than half of them are not Christian. Therefore, Dr. Carter and Lindsey asked me to come and help them serve the students both at TICA as well as at Chi Alpha: Tsukuba and in church media production. What an enormous opportunity!


Yours in Christ,
Justin Canavan

To find out more about the missionaries with whom I am working, check out the following links:!homepage/c1xfd

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